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Liechtenstein Languages is a non-profit language course project. It is designed to 1.) train language trainers and 2.) teach German or other languages to migrants and refugees who have arrived and settled in Europe, especially in German speaking countries (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland).

Liechtenstein Languages employs a special learning method called „Neues Lernen“. This method emphasizes verbal communication and promotes a positive, supportive and motivating learning atmosphere. It helps to overcome cultural barriers and invites participants to interact with their new environment. „Neues Lernen“ has been developed over the last 25 years with great success. The lessons are rich in games, humour and fun. Learning activities are both active and passive.

In one sentence: students learn a second language, like they have learned their first language. During the basic course of 60 hours students acquire about 600 new vocabulary. This way participants are able to communicate on a basic level already after 4 weeks.

Teaching includes different modules: a 60 hrs-basic course, which can be extended to a 100 hrs course by blending in a 40h literacy course; and (by end of 2017) a course designed for the integration into the labour market. Liechtenstein Languages has adopted a very cost effective train-the-trainer concept. Within a two-week-seminar, teachers or social workers without any educational background learn how to teach a language course. New trainers may pass on their knowledge to others within their organization („snowball effect“). First results, particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, have been very encouraging. Between February 2016 and May 2017 about 150 trainers have been trained in the teaching Method “Neues Lernen”. Those new trainers have themselves introduced a minimum of 3’000 refugees and migrants into the German language. The German town Altena, which has introduced Liechtenstein Languages courses already in April 2016, has recently won the National Price of Integration. Liechtenstein Languages is coordinated by the charitable Foundation Liechtenstein Languages and the registered society „Neues Lernen“ in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. It is sponsored by the Princely House and the Government of Liechtenstein as well as by private companies and charitable foundations.

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