14.-16.11.2019 – Prague Education Festival (EN)

The Economia media house and the news portal Aktuálně.cz are organising a unique event dealing with modern trends in teaching and training at primary and secondary schools.
The aim of the event is to inspire experts and the general public for the latest approaches in child education and to create a platform where experts can exchange and compile well-founded insider knowledge about current trends, technologies and experiences in cooperation with teachers, pupils and parents in order to support schools.
The organizers want to initiate some progressive changes in the Czech education system and initiate a debate between the state, schools and the private sector about changes in the Czech education system that they believe may be necessary for the future success and development / prosperity of the Czech Republic.
The three-day festival offers a combination of a trade fair, workshops and inspiring lectures – with an accompanying programme aimed at both professionals and the general public.
Liechtenstein Languages will be represented at this festival with an exhibition and workshops.

„Hand in Hand“ – English „LieLa-style“ in Czech elementary school classes

For 30 years now, the brain-friendly learning and teaching materials of the Verein Neues Lernen have been used with great success in elementary school classes in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria. Thanks to the generous support of His Serene Highness Hereditary Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein, it was possible for the materials of the Verein Neues Lernen to find their way into classrooms in the Czech Republic under the name of Liechtenstein Languages.

In an intensive preparatory phase, a suitable partner organization was found: ScioŠkola.

With its visions, ScioŠkola is the ideal partner organization for Liechtenstein Languages:


  • We want to make the world a better place. This is why we are striving to improve the education and development of children.
  • We concentrate on the future, because education should prepare children for a high-quality life in the second half of the 21st century.
  • Within the company, we strive to change the understanding of the goals, content, forms and tools of education. There we help to bring about change.
  • We not only want to point out problems and cultivate the opinions of others, but also offer solutions at the same time.


For a first phase, a plan for implementation in five ScioŠkola schools was drawn up:

September 2019

Meeting in Liechtenstein with 10 teachers from 5 SCIO schools

H.S.H. Erbrinz Alois also visited the Czech teachers during their training in Liechtenstein.


October/November 2019

Delivery of teaching material for 6 classes per school

November 14-16, 2019

Liechtenstein Languages presents itself to the interested public at the Prague Education Festival 2019

February 2020

Meeting in Prague with the pilot group

June 2020

Meeting in Liechtenstein with teachers from interested schools

November 2020

Meeting in Prague with the 2nd group


Start of production of teaching materials in the Czech Republic


Meeting of the multiplier group in Liechtenstein.


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